e-cigsE-cigs are relatively new to the market. Smokers who have decided that it’s time for them to stop smoking are switching to electronic cigarettes because they feel they can slowly wean themselves off of the nicotine in regular cigarettes. E-cigs supposedly help to calm the cravings for cigarettes, and they are permitted in many public places, where traditional cigars and cigarettes are banned.

E-Cigs Explained

E-Cigs are electronic devices that use either a battery powered atomizer or battery powered cartomizer to vaporize liquid that contains flavourings and nicotine. The vapour is delivered when the person draws on the trunk of the e-cig like they would draw on a cigarette if they were smoking one.

The e-cig produces the sensation at the back of the smoker’s throat similar to the sensation they would get if they were inhaling smoke from a real cigarette. There is smoke for the person to blow out of their mouths, and on some the tips of the electronic cigarette glow red as if they were actually burning. The result is that people are given the sensations of smoking without all of the harm that traditional tobacco products have.

Why are E-Cigs considered better than Traditional Cigarettes?

There have been countless studies performed that have proven that smoking tobacco products is bad for your health. The smoke from these products can even harm people in the same room with you, known as passive smoking. Tobacco products are linked to many types of illnesses including, forms of cancer, COPD, heart diseases, and respiratory conditions like asthma. They have been linked to low birth weights and premature infant births.

Because of the dangers associated with smoking many public places now ban the smoking of cigarettes on their premises. People who smoke are under increasing amounts of pressure to stop smoking altogether. Electronic cigarettes give the sensation of smoking with “less risk”.

E-Cigs are Cheaper to use

E-cigs are cheaper to use than traditional ones are. The initial price of the electronic versions may seem high, but you must remember that these are reusable and can be refilled.

It has been estimated that the average smoker in the United Kingdom will spend £2,190 each year on tobacco products alone. This is due to the price of a packet of smokes being about £8. Electronic smoking devices can cut the cost of smoking down considerably in the long term.

E-Cigs Smell Better than Real Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes do not produce the foul odours that real tobacco does when it is burning. That means that your clothing will not smell like a used ashtray. Your hair and breath will smell better, and your home will smell better. Some public places like clubs, and eateries, allow the E-Cigs because the odours they emit do not offend the other patrons of the establishment.

E-Cigs are less of a Fire Hazard

When you smoke real cigarettes you will need a flame source such as a lighter to ignite the tobacco that is encased in paper. You essentially have a burning wad of tobacco and paper in your face.

The embers from cigarettes can burn holes in clothing, upholstery, and burn skin. There are numerous numbers of house fires each year because someone fell asleep and their cigarette caught their home on fire. Hundreds of children suffer accidental burns from bumping into the glowing end of a cigar or cigarette.

The electronic versions are not actually on fire. They are battery powered and some may have a glowing red light to simulate a fire. If you touch the end of the electronic device it will not be warm enough to burn your skin.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of stopping the use of tobacco products are great. Many people say that electronic cigarettes are not any better for you, but that is something that has not been proven conclusively yet. With real tobacco products you get tar, nicotine, and whatever additives the manufacturer added to the product. With electronic cigarettes you still get the nicotine but you get to control the amount so you can wean yourself from them without having the withdrawals associated with stopping the usage of nicotine.

The vapours from electronic devices like these do not produce the second hand smoke issues that real cigarettes create.
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Warnings and Dangers Associated with E-Cigs

You have to be made aware that smoking E-cigs can be dangerous. Current estimates suggest that there are more than two million people in the United Kingdom who smoke e-Cigs. Fire and rescue personnel report that they are called to fires caused by these electronic devices malfunctioning once each week. As more and more people begin to use e-cigs it is estimated that the reports of fires will grow larger.

The majority of fires associated with e-cigs happen because someone used the wrong charger with the device, or they were plugged into an outlet and left unattended for an extended amount of time. If you decide to use electronic cigarettes make certain you charge the battery using the charger that came with the device, and never leave a device charging without supervision.

There is an inherent danger when you use a battery powered device. Batteries can explode. Most of the severe injuries associated with electronic cigarettes have been because a battery exploded and caused the clothing the person was wearing to burst into flames. You should not carry one of these devices, or any battery powered device in your pocket. Do not lay them on the dashboard of your car, and do not let children play with the devices. People that have been injured by an e-cig after following all of the manufacturers instructions correctly could be able to take the manufacturer to court and sue for burn injuries sustained.

Nicotine can be deadly if you overdose on it. The majority of adults will never overdose on nicotine because they would get sick and stop using it before they reached that point. With electronic cigarettes the amount of nicotine contained in the liquid may be higher than the amount that would be found in a regular cigarette. The electronic cigarettes are also often flavoured and the flavouring makes them appealing to children. Children are at the greatest risk of being poisoned by nicotine so you should never allow children to play with, or use electronic cigarettes.

As well as children, any pets or animals you have should also be considered as there have been several examples of animals dying after chewing on plastic e-liquid bottles and ingesting the liquid.